Privacy Policy


We at Slightly Burnt Out are advocates of taking care of our customers’ private and personal information.


Gathering Personal Data

Due to the content of our store we require that only persons 18 years of age and older browse our site. Browsing of our site does not require any personal information to be entered or collected. Personal data (such as name, address, email address, and phone number) will only be collected if you open an account on our website or place an order online. We will be able to view your account name but not your password. In the event you forget your password we can reset it to a generic password for you to log in and change it something private.

We commit and guarantee that all data provided by our customers will be treated with high confidentiality.

We do not sell or share any information with anyone unless presented with a warrant from law enforcement.

We may reach out to you about your order. We may send promotional emails that you may opt out of at any time.


Payment Details and Information

All customers can choose which payment option to use in paying for the products purchased in store and online. We guarantee that we do not store any credit card information on file (paper, electronically, or in any form). Credit card information is not saved to our site when an account is created. Credit card information will have to be entered for each transaction. For in store purchases with a credit card the credit card has to be present for each transaction.


We do not accept checks of any kind (personal, business, bank, cashiers, travelers etc). We do not do ACH withdrawal or checking/savings account direct withdrawal. We will NEVER ask you for your bank account number.

Third Party Links

All other information you find in our website alone is under our own responsibilities and commitment to serve you with utmost security. However, you may find other links or third party websites (facebook, instagram, manufacturer warranty pages etc) located on our website, these sites are governed with their own privacy policy that we are not held responsible and we can not control.


Contact Us

For all privacy concerns in store and online please contact us by

Phone 203-437-8372

Email [email protected]

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Because of our attention to privacy, your discretion is guaranteed. We understand our clients privacy concerns.